General Information

Q: What is mSupplier?

Ans: It is a web based online vendor management system through which suppliers can register themselves, and receive enquiries such as RFQs, RFIs, RFTs & RFPs. The portal provides an enhanced communication feature by using the dashboard as a mean of direct communication between suppliers, DAFZA Procurement & DAFZA end Users, maintaining the full history within the portal. The portal then serves as a mean to release and maintain records on all Purchase Orders awarded to suppliers, their Receipts, Deliveries and ultimately their Invoices using both e-Sourcing & e-Invoice Management Systems. Suppliers will be able to submit and track their invoices online and will be ultimately paid through an online transaction. All these features are supported by an integrated system using push notifications to mobile phones SMS and Emails in order to keep suppliers in track of the progress of their services.

Q: How do I receive enquiries?

Ans: Supplier will receive notifications via email and SMS for new enquiries such as RFQs, RFIs, RFTs & RFPs. Supplier may then access the detail information online using the portal access

Q: Is there a manual to help with portal navigation?

Ans: Yes, it is located in the top right corner of the page.

Q: Forgot username and password?

Ans: Supplier may reset the password form the home page prior to log in.

Q: Incase my company name has changed; how do I make the changes on the portal?

Ans: Supplier must provide official letter with the new name of the company, and valid trade/commercial license, in order for DAFZA to make the changes.

Q: Can my company have multiple users under one account?

Ans: Yes, one main ?Primary? account is mandatory, however sub accounts can be authorized by the main account of the company.

Q: Who do we contact in case of difficulty / error messages?

Ans: Please contact the procurement team, or via Tel - Dir: 042027333


Financial Information

Q: Is there any registration fee applicable?

Ans: No, registration is free of charge.

Q: Do I have to pay to receive certain enquiries?

Ans: Only when applicable and specified by DAFZA.

Q: What currencies are accepted for quotations?

Ans: All currencies are accepted; however, AED is preferred.


E-invoice Information

Q: Is it possible to submit invoices manually direct to DAFZA?

Ans: No All Invoices have to be submitted through portal.

Q: When do I submit my invoices?

Ans: Once the service/item is delivered and approved GRN is active on mSupplier, the supplier shall receive an email notification on the same.

Q: What documents are required for submitting invoice

Ans: Invoice submission documents include, Invoice Soft Copy & Signed Delivery Note.

Q: What if I don?t have a delivery note?

Ans: Other documents that are accepted are;  Attendance Sheets  Service Report  Certificate of Completion  Email acknowledgement

Q: What is the invoice date when uploading the invoice?

Ans: Invoice date should be the date mentioned on the invoice uploaded.

Q: How do I follow up on payments?

Ans: Log in to the portal account and search the status via Invoice Catalog.

Q: I have checked our invoice in the portal and the payment status is PAID. However, we have not received the payment.

Ans: Once the payment is issued, the STATUS will show as (PAID). Nevertheless, the next column (check status) will show the exact update (such as check awaiting signature) or (bank transfer processed)

Q: What is the reason for rejecting an invoice?

Ans: Whenever an invoice is rejected, remarks and reason for rejection are available by clicking on the invoice catalog, selecting the invoice required and then clicking on invoice/payment summary details.

Q: What are DAFZA Payment methods?

Ans: Recently DAFZA has shifted to Online Bank Transfers, in addition to cheques.


Registration Information

Q: Who is entitled to register on mSupplier portal?

Ans: All suppliers holding a valid commercial document / license.

Q: Are there any restrictions for other Emirate, Foreign based company?

Ans: No.

Q: What are the documents needed to register as a supplier?

Ans: Main documents required as attachments when completing the registration process are; Trade/Commercial License document, Company Stamp Sample on blank background, Bank Letter

Q: What is the bank letter? and what is the information required on it?

Ans: The bank letter refers to the information of the beneficiary account for which is being registered, and should contain all mandatory information;  Bank Name  Beneficiary Name  Account Number  IBAN Number  Swift Code  Address

Q: What does Inactive account mean?

Ans: Suppliers must complete the registration process in the portal up to a minimum of 70%, which is completed by filling all mandatory fields.

Q: Can I submit the registration documents manually?

Ans: No, complete registration of the company must be done online.

Q: What are the mandatory fields when completing the registration process?

Ans: All fields with a red star (*).

Q: What is the scope of supply / service?

Ans: The scope of Supply or Service, is related to the nature of business of the company and is a mandatory field which is the key feature of categorizing suppliers for future enquiries.

Q: When does my registration Expire?

Ans: Registration expires along with the validity of the Trade / Commercial License.

Q: How do I renew my registration?

Ans: Suppliers renew the registration by updating the due to expire documents on their portal.

Q: How do I know my documents (Trade license, Certificates, etc.) have expired?

Ans: Suppliers will receive an email notification 30 days prior to the expiry of the document

Q: What happens if I do not provide the renewed documents?

Ans: The account will be deactivated and show as Inactive.